What is Fedora Cloud?ΒΆ

Fedora Cloud provides few different images of Fedora Project which can be consumed in private and public cloud infrastructures. The following list contains the different kind of images available for the users.

Cloud Base
This is the minimal image of Fedora, it has the bare minimal packages required to run on any cloud environment.
Atomic Image
Atomic image is a lightweight, immutable platform, designed with the sole purpose of running containerized applications. This can also be used in any public or private cloud environment. To learn more you can visit the Project Atomic project page.
Vagrant images
We also provide Vagrant images for both cloud base, and atomic. Both VirtualBox, and libvirt is supported by the two different image we publish for Vagrant.
Docker image
If you do docker pull fedora, then you will get the latest Fedora image for docker. This image is also created by the Fedora Cloud team.