Atomic Command Cheat SheetΒΆ

This chapter contains cheat sheet for atomic commands

The atomic command ``/usr/bin/atomic`` defines the entrypoint of Project Atomic hosts

  • atomic host upgrade upgrades to a newer version.
  • atomic host rollback rollbacks to the previous version.
  • atomic host status shows the current status of the installed atomic host.
  • atomic run <name> executes container image run method.
  • atomic install <name> installs a container on atomic host with systemd unit file to run it as service.
  • atomic uninstall <name> uninstalls the container from the atomic host.
  • atomic info <name> returns LABEL Information of the image.
  • atomic images displays all the container image present on the atomic host.
  • atomic scan <name> scans the image or container
  • atomic stop <name> executes container image stop method
  • atomic mount mounts container image to a specific directory
  • atomic diff shows difference between to container images, RPMs or file diff
  • atomic push pushes (upload) the latest image to the repository
  • atomic pull pulls the latest image from the repository
  • atomic top shows stats about processes running inside container
  • atomic storage manages container storage
  • atomic unmount unmount container image
  • atomic update updates to the latest container image of the repository
  • atomic version displays “Name Version Release” Label of the image
  • atomic verify verifies that the image is fully updated

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