Irssi: IRC Client on Atomic Host

Irssi is a Terminal Based IRC Client for Unix/Linux based systems. This page shows how to run Irssi on Atomic Host.


First you will need to boot up an atomic host

  • Copy the Sources down from here Fedora Dockerfile for Irssi.

  • Perform the build with the following command:

    docker build -t fedora/irssi .

  • After the build is successful run the container with the following command:

    atomic run fedora/irssi

This will start Irssi.

Irssi Commands

To Connect to Server:


To Connect to Channel:

/join #fedora

To leave Channel:

/part #fedora

To Set nick:

/set nick username

To Identify nick:

/msg nickserv identify password

To Change nick:

/nick username1

More Commands

Command Description
/ban Sets or lists bans for a channel
/clear Clears a channel buffer
/disconnect Disconnects from the network that has focus
/exit Disconnects client from all networks and returns to shell prompt
/join Joins a channel
/kick Kicks a user out
/kickban Kickbans a user
/msg Sends a private message to a user
/names Lists the users in the current channel
/query Opens a query window with a user or closes a current query window
/topic Displays/edits the current topic
/unban Unbans everyone
/whois Displays user information
/window close Forces closure of a window

Further Reading: To know more about Irssi visit